Projector Instructions

Ensure that the projector and the AV power switches (located to the right of single emergency exit door) are switched on


To lower and raise the screen use the buttons on the right hand side of the control box which is on the wall to the right of the screen. Press the lower button ONCE and release – the screen will lower (to raise it press the upper button once). There is also a two button remote you may use.



The projector remote is in the kitchen drawer with the key for the AV box and leads


To turn on the projector press the red power button ONCE. The projector will light within 30 seconds. During playback the sound can be controlled with the volume buttons






The connections for the display are inside the AV box. Connect to the HDMI cable

Please note – you may experience feedback if you have your laptop charger plugged in, so we recommend using battery power only